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About Us

Open for business since 1994, Jeremy Merrick Enterprises is a dynamic, full-service technology and solutions firm based in Lake Forest, California. We help clients evaluate and implement solutions on a local and national basis. The professionals at Jeremy Merrick Enterprises elevate traditional services to a higher level and as part of our national network. "A strong local presence coupled with our outstanding national identity provides our clients with high-tech solutions unparalleled in the industry."

What makes Jeremy Merrick Enterprises different?

From our vision of a networked world to our part in the global economy, we are committed to our vision, dependent on our experience, confident in our understanding of your business needs. And we continue to bring innovation and cooperation to our commitment to deliver quality services and support. Working with industry, communit​ies, and governments to conduct our business in a way that helps advance social and economic well-being by helping them gain access to the tools, skills, and innovations they need to reach their full potential. We translate advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions, services and consulting businesses worldwide encompassing the best that technology has to offer in today's corporate technology market.

We offer you the advantage of working with professionals who draw on the extraordinary knowledge of the industry. We believe that working with a professional means working with someone who makes it a point, day in and day out, to remain on top of the latest market trends. Effective use of technology always has been, and always will be, a matter of skill and training, knowledge and ability. These are the kinds of qualities that are the standards we adhere to as a company.

In addition to years of​ experience, our commitment to responsible business practices is absolute—in our core values and in our daily work. That means being open about our business operations and compliant with all laws and regulations that apply to our business. It also means having the honesty to acknowledge when we fall short of those goals, and the integrity to set things right. As continues to grow, we will continually strive to exceed expectations regarding the responsible manner in which we conduct our business.

Professional Services
  • Network / IT Services
  • Programming / Development
  • Database Management
  • Consulting / Solutions
  • VoIP & Cloud

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